portrait | yurim

i have been dying to photograph yurim for such a long time it's ridiculous. i met her what feels like years ago (6 years ago?!) and i've watched her grow into a full fledged adult... haha granted that she's probably mature enough for the both of us combined :) there's such an air of composure and maturity around yurim that always drew me to her, something along the lines of having to grow up too quickly juxtaposed with a gentleness in her heart. nevertheless, i was so glad to get some time with her during her short stay in georgia. 

i've realized how crucial it is for me to take on personal projects and to shoot for myself. photography is definitely a labor of love for me, and i've realized that the moment i stop shooting for myself is when it all solely becomes "work." i'm still in the process of finding a middle ground between my personal work and my business photos, hopefully i can find a happy medium... i tend to joke that my personal work tends to be a reflection of my soul, whereas my client work is a reflection of theirs - hence the huge contrast in mood haha

everything about photography revolves around light and i've always embraced that in the most literal sense (whites/highlights), i've been continuously having to remind myself that there's no light without darkness and vice versa. i'm learning to embrace the shadows and the stark contrast between the two... that there is beauty to be found in the darkness.