photography to me

photography to me

it has now been four years since i made the decision to share my photographic journey with others. there have been so many times where i was filled with self-doubt and uncertainty regarding this road, but my list of pros have far outweighed that voice that told me i wasn't good enough. i've been so blessed these past several years - more so by the relationships that have sprung due to what i do than any level of personal growth i might have done on my own. writing that last sentence has been such a personal breakthrough for me - you know... for someone who believed they COULD be an island most of their life.

there's one thing in particular that i've come to realize in regards to photography though. there's a big misconception that having the best and the latest when it comes to cameras makes you a good photographer (i'm super guilty of this as i'm usually the type that dives in head first when it comes to matters of my affections, this case re: gear envy/hoarding). there are amazing photographers out there that shoot with "outdated" "cheap" gear that continuously produce incredible work. the saying is that the best camera is the one you have on you, right? but it recently dawned on me. i'm not a good photographer and i'm not saying this in a self-deprecating way nor am i looking for validation from my peers or friends. rather, i've realized that the reason it's been so crucial and important for me to get to know the people i photograph is because it's never been about my ability to expose correctly or about how artistic i am. it's always been about the person on the other side of the lens and how vulnerable we are in the moment. 

before photoshoots, i always say a little prayer and have recently added a self-reminder to just be present and be myself. when my clients (i don't like using this word, but it'll have to do for context sake) leave their expectations at home and are able to just let go and be "in the moment" - that's when the good photography part happens. i can't stress the importance of finding a photographer you can see yourself being friends with. in the case of weddings, you spend more time with your photographer than anybody else, find someone you can trust and like.  

i'm not a good photographer, i can't take an inanimate object and make amazing photos (which is probably why i have a hard time with landscape and detail shots) but i'm floored every single time people share a part of who they are with me and i promise i will do my absolute best to translate that in your photographs.

it's why i do what i do and why it fills my heart so.
thank you to everyone who shared a part of who they are with me.