portait | raven

i recently came across this diagram, and though i'm sure it was meant for chuckles... i feel like it's kind of spot on hahaha going back to the main topic here, i took some new headshots for raven, who happens to be a wonderful photographer, and who has many times been that voice that has kept me from drowning in my "crippling self doubt." i can't thank her enough for this.

in the short time we've known each other, she's served as kind of a mentor, colleague, friend and everything else rolled into one. i'm beyond thankful that our paths have crossed and that we are able to continuously grow together... hahaha this is so incredibly cheesy (i'm sure you're thinking the same raven). but seriously, thank you for your perspective, your voice and your initial foresight that has allowed me to be able to call myself a photographer today. 

i think everyone should have a raven in their lives :)