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engagement | christine + jim

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engagement | christine + jim

FALL IS HERE! FALL IS HERE! <3 the breezy cool days and the turning of the leaves... 

speaking of fall, i realized i never got around to blogging christine + jim's engagement session. when i first met these two, it was as if I was meeting up with old friends (they also attended my alma mater). we even went on a double date together, and as we were driving home, david mentioned how much he enjoyed his time with these two... though i'm sure the fact that they share our heart for travel and food played a big factor in that too haha

these two are such an amazing balance to each other - christine is quirky and adorable, whereas jim exudes gentleness and genuineness. their love is such a driving force and strength for the both of them, that you can't help but to admire that kind of dedication.

I'm so excited for your wedding next month guys! <3

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