engagement | judy + justin

i love LOVE engagement shoots - as stressful as the months leading up to your wedding day can be, i think there's something so bittersweet about this transitional stage. i think it's a time to really soak in and celebrate the love and commitment you have promised each other.

i've mentioned before that i love judy, but i love judy with justin even more. there's something so effortless and natural about these two... from the way they look at each other, to the outpouring of love when you're around them. i could go on and on about the way justin's eyes light up when he looks at her, or how judy plays off her blushes from his affections (which she's really bad at btw haha).. but i think it might be best if i try to show you and hope that i am able to give you a glimpse at the magnitude of love these two share <3 


styling & florals by allison song
flower crown by flower crown society