lifestyle | jiye + tim

i met tim sometime in high school and jiye more recently at church. at the risk of sounding like a complete jerk, i recall one of the first things i ever asked jiye was, "why are you dating tim?!" hahaha that's not to say tim isn't a solid guy or anything of that matter (by all means he is and so much more) but when you've known someone for so long... well it's kind of like what i'd imagine someone feels when their sibling starts dating... but i digress, it's ironic but the more i got to know jiye the clearer it became why tim loved her... and somehow, it served as the answer to my first question. her character and heart speaks volumes about their relationship.

it's so funny because i completely understand how unfamiliar and strange it can be to stand in front of the camera, specially when it's someone you know standing on the other side... and though tim was SUPER awkward at first (haha), i feel like the moment he saw jiye it all dissipated into thin air, almost like his heart was filled.

thanks jiye and tim for sharing your selves with me <3