throwback thursday | puppy jack

throwback thursday | puppy jack

i'll be the first to admit i have bouts of crazy puppy fever - i've gone back and forth between wanting to get another dog and thinking myself crazy once i remember how much work it would be... hence, i just try and convince my friends to get puppies. haha

we dogsat jack back in april while his parents got situated in their new home and it was so interesting to see how present the sibling dynamic is even amongst dogs. bailey is definitely our baby and to see that replaced with his tolerating "older brother" persona was really interesting. i love how puppies love on older dogs! jack's incessant doting and playfulness towards bailey really warmed my heart!

jack is a short haired retriever that is super friendly and playful... also, did i mention he was housebroken in less than a week? WHAT? -_-

looking at these makes me want a puppy again... haha >_<