throwback thursday | winter 2011

throwback thursday | winter 2011

this may or may not be a permanent feature on my blog, but seeing as i spent years taking photos and not sharing them (haha) i have thousands of photos that have never seen the light of .... the internet.

we had some snow here in atlanta in 2011. and we had sooo much fun running around with bailey :) he looks so so young in this photo that it kind of startles me that dogs can age so visibly in just a couple of years. i never experienced this with kibbo because westies are well.. they always look like puppies to me! looking back though, this may be the only photo we have together as a family (with the exception of kibbo) :(

excuse david's half squat pose... self timer was not kind haha


i really love this photo. bailey's expression cracks me up whenever i see this. hahaha