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hi there!

welcome to my blog! this is a space i dedicate to sharing bits and bobs of my life as a photographer as well as a creative/therapeutic diary of my life.

lifestyle | the sons

lifestyle | the sons

i was so surprised when miriam reached out to me to do some portraits for her family! thing is, miriam and i were first introduced 3 years ago when i was planning my wedding - she was actually the amazing baker behind the cupcakes we served on the day of! to this day, david still raves about how perfect her mint chocolate cupcakes were! haha it's so amazing to be able to cross paths again in this manner and i'm so honored that she would choose me to capture this special time in their lives.

since i last saw her, the sons have grown by one little precious abigail! i love how quirky and inquisitive she is! ♥ whenever i meet babies, i'm always so amazed at how large their personalities are at such a young age... it could be because i wasn't surrounded by babies growing up, but it's so fascinating to me! haha

thanks again sons!

week 1 | the love of love

week 1 | the love of love