i've been a little quiet around here and i can't exactly say what was the matter (or i could give you tons of reasons), but overall it comes down to the creative drought i've been going through. a friend of mine asked whether it would be resolved with a pause or a push, and seeing as i've had my break... it must have been a push.

i typically don't do well with pushes though, perhaps it's due to my rebelliousness(stubbornness might be more apt) but i want to arrive at each crossroad through my own decisions/mistakes. how foolish to think that i have complete control over the twists and turns that are ahead on the road. i digress though, sometimes you just need a little push :)

... and i got that push as i was doing a shoot for golden stella with allison. there's an amazing creative catharsis that happens sometimes when a bunch of creatives get together :) it was definitely one of those and i'm once again filled with that itch... that itch to shoot for myself and nurture my love for what i do.

i can't wait to show you the rest of this shoot!