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hi there!

welcome to my blog! this is a space i dedicate to sharing bits and bobs of my life as a photographer as well as a creative/therapeutic diary of my life.

portrait | cindy

portrait | cindy

if you and i are acquainted in real life, it's very likely you know who cindy is.

she was my maid of honor on my wedding day.

we were roommates in college.

and i've known her since we were 11 years old.

i think everyone should have a friend like cindy... just as everyone should also have a friend like me (hahaha).

but no really, cindy has been my biggest cheerleader ever since i can remember. even through the times where i've pushed and pushed, her love and persistence for me has always stretched and grown me.

and i mean, who else would be willing to plan a shoot at 3am just to sleep a couple of hours, meet me at sunrise and brave the freezing weather just so i can test some lenses? haha

wedding | kahi + raymond

wedding | kahi + raymond

engagement | julie + james

engagement | julie + james