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hi there!

welcome to my blog! this is a space i dedicate to sharing bits and bobs of my life as a photographer as well as a creative/therapeutic diary of my life.

broken promises

i know i said i'd be better about updating, and i really do have several posts drafted waiting to be published.  i just find myself a little lost at this moment... and there's that hesitation, y'know?

how personal do i get in here without baring myself of the privacy i fiercely cloak myself in? it's all such a thin thin line and i'm scared to cross it.

my mind's been racing against all my thoughts and fears... it wanders off into this stream of disillusionment that's constantly chased by my consciousness. ironic isn't it?

just for a little bit... until i can still my thoughts and hear the quietude of my heart.

just a little bit longer...

simple moments

simple moments