At the end of Jessica's portrait session in May, my camera and the concrete had a very unhappy meeting.

What I thought were solely cosmetic damages, ended up being internal as well... and silly me didn't figure this out until AFTER I shot an event (ugh someone shake me). Honestly I took it much better than I expected, and to my husband's chagrin I simply abandoned my camera in a corner of our office... I mean, what was I to do? After researching online, I realized that the repair costs would end up being about the same amount I paid for the camera -__-;

What followed after that, was a slump in my productivity and creativity.

What's shocking is that it didn't occur to me to put two and two together, and that perhaps the reason I had hit a creative wall was that I was no longer shooting for myself. You know, you hear it all the time, that no matter how busy you are, you should always make time to work on personal projects. IT'S TRUEEEE!!! and though this is probably no excuse for having neglected my blog, it's a pretty legit reason wouldn't you say? haha

I'm still in the process of figuring out which route I'm going to go as far as my next camera goes, but in the meantime you guys are welcome to follow me on instagram (hahahaha!) @soojik imn.

overall... *sadface* but no worries friends, I have enough posts backed up to last me a good while! XD