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welcome to my blog! this is a space i dedicate to sharing bits and bobs of my life as a photographer as well as a creative/therapeutic diary of my life.

lifestyle | the hongs

lifestyle | the hongs

One of the ways that I've been immensely blessed in my life has been through my marriage. I can recall very few instances in my life when I really wished to have siblings around me, for the most part I relished being an only child - of course it had its quirks not to mention, my parents were always always very proactive in making sure that I'd grow up to be self-sufficient (a story for another time).

Nevertheless, when I met David and learned that he had grown up surrounded by almost his entire family, I'm talking extended families from both of his parents' sides big, it struck me as... for lack of a better word, fascinating. Okay okay maybe it's a bit of an over-exaggeration but for someone whose entire life consisted of mom, dad and me it was a world of a difference.. and I absolutely LOVED it. I loved the fact that I'd be getting married to one man, and gain an extra set of parents, a sister and brother, grandparents, aunts and uncles, cousins... etc. Talk about a package deal! haha

Last year there was an addition to this "package", which was in the form of my beautiful nephew, Oliver! I don't think I realized it until then that my future children wouldn't have had cousins or aunts&uncles had I married someone without siblings... which honestly made me kind of sad, but that's besides the point! BECAUSE. I. DID! so you will have cousins and an aunt&uncle future children!! :)

haha okay craziness aside, here's a lifestyle family session I had the opportunity to capture last time we were out in CA.


and it wouldn't be a family session without grandma&grandpa right?


this is one of my favorites!


and we'll end with another favorite: gangsta' Ollie <3 LOVE those elbow patches!


Thanks Cathie, Steven & Ollie! Can't wait to see you guys soon! :D

Psst... Cathie is an extremely talented calligrapher/craftswoman who is responsible for my header/logo up there! Check out her etsy store!

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styled | enamored with