wedding | liz + david

i've been so blessed these last several years i've been doing photography. the introvert inside of me worried about the authenticity of the relationships that might be established due to the nature of this industry, but i've been surprised over and over again. i constantly find my heart bursting at the seams at each wedding i've had the honor of photographing. this is exactly how i feel about liz and david, my heart loves them for the love that they share with each other and everyone around them. there was so much warmth on this chilly day in march.

liz + david thank you so much for having me share in one of the happiest days in your lives <3

venue | ashton gardens
florals | allison song
styling & coordinating | allison song
second photographer | johnny cheng

portrait | yurim

i have been dying to photograph yurim for such a long time it's ridiculous. i met her what feels like years ago (6 years ago?!) and i've watched her grow into a full fledged adult... haha granted that she's probably mature enough for the both of us combined :) there's such an air of composure and maturity around yurim that always drew me to her, something along the lines of having to grow up too quickly juxtaposed with a gentleness in her heart. nevertheless, i was so glad to get some time with her during her short stay in georgia. 

i've realized how crucial it is for me to take on personal projects and to shoot for myself. photography is definitely a labor of love for me, and i've realized that the moment i stop shooting for myself is when it all solely becomes "work." i'm still in the process of finding a middle ground between my personal work and my business photos, hopefully i can find a happy medium... i tend to joke that my personal work tends to be a reflection of my soul, whereas my client work is a reflection of theirs - hence the huge contrast in mood haha

everything about photography revolves around light and i've always embraced that in the most literal sense (whites/highlights), i've been continuously having to remind myself that there's no light without darkness and vice versa. i'm learning to embrace the shadows and the stark contrast between the two... that there is beauty to be found in the darkness. 


portrait | raven + nic

i mentioned before how grateful i am to have crossed paths with raven and i've had the opportunity to take her portrait several times now, but it's always such an honor when another photographer asks you to take portraits for them - specially when it involves their special person :) i know raven is great and all, but they way nic looks at her would make you think she can turn things into gold and pull unicorns out of her pockets... haha it was so sweet to be able to see a different side of raven, one where she is completely vulnerable and overwhelmed with love for nic. 

ah, love. 

thanks for sharing yours with me raven + nic! 


engagement | liz + david

liz and david are high school sweethearts. i think there's something so incredible about couples that have grown together and overcome such tumultuous times (ie. teenage years haha). there's a level of comfort and understanding between these two that you wouldn't be able to understand unless you had been in their shoes, but it's so apparent when you see them interact. the way david assures liz, tells her not to worry and anchors her whereas liz is constantly moving forward, seeking growth and refusing to be stagnant in everything. such a sweet balance to each other they are and thus it fills my heart when i look at them through the other side of the lens <3  i can't wait to show you their wedding photos! 


styling | allison song

lifestyle | the hongs

it's been such a long time since i got to photograph my sister in law's family - my nephew was teenytiny then, but he's already three (almost four now!) and i've got a niece on top of that! it's crazy to think how much they grow every time we meet! it makes me sad that i don't get to see them as often as i'd like, but thankfully i think my SIL shows them photos of us so they know who we are haha. i think seeing children grow up is the best measure of how quickly time seems to fly by. i love the little people they are growing up to be <3 


this picture cracks me up - sorry cathie! haha but it was definitely a bit hectic trying to get everyone's attention and we were starting to get some misty rain, which almost looks like snow! 


wedding | christine + jim

where do i even begin with these two? getting to photograph christine and Jim's wedding day was such a rush - the energy and love that they exude is so contagious, and how that translated onto their actual wedding was amazing! i remember feeling like i was bursting at the seams with joy this day and it's all due to how open and honest they have been with me during the short time that i've known them. i felt like two dear friends were tying the knot and i was so so excited to be able to share this day with them.

thank you christine + jim for having me - wishing you endless days and nights filled with love! 


venue | ventanas
florals | allison song
styling & coordinating | allison song
second photographer | johnny cheng

wedding | ohhee + sam

this day was filled with!

i first met ohhee several years back at kahi + raymond's wedding, and i remember she left an impression on me at that time as someone who is fiercely loyal as well as extremely efficient. i found all these things to be true as soon as i met her for our initial consultation - she Practically PLANNED her entire wedding in the span of one month!! ohhee and sam are so much fun together, but most notably, they bring out something so special in each other that is so apparent whenever they lock eyes.

thank you so much ohhee + sam for having me take part in such a special time in your lives! 

and thank you to the wonderful raven for shooting with me on this day! <3 


engagement | judy + justin

i love LOVE engagement shoots - as stressful as the months leading up to your wedding day can be, i think there's something so bittersweet about this transitional stage. i think it's a time to really soak in and celebrate the love and commitment you have promised each other.

i've mentioned before that i love judy, but i love judy with justin even more. there's something so effortless and natural about these two... from the way they look at each other, to the outpouring of love when you're around them. i could go on and on about the way justin's eyes light up when he looks at her, or how judy plays off her blushes from his affections (which she's really bad at btw haha).. but i think it might be best if i try to show you and hope that i am able to give you a glimpse at the magnitude of love these two share <3 


styling & florals by allison song
flower crown by flower crown society